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PW's modularity and Redaxo CMS


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I am using PW for some time and I am thinking a lot about modularity in ProcessWire. In a German CMS called Redaxo, everything consists of blocks. A page has many blocks and every block has an input and output. It is pretty simple for the user to stack blocks per page to build content for a site.

So I can define a "media gallery" block, a "Q & A" block and the user can stack them like he want's. And every block is a file so it can simply reused for the next project.

How can I achieve this in ProcessWire and: Is this a good practice in regards of PW's structure?

Let's start a discussion about it! I really like PW but I can not really get the gist of modular behavior in PW. I am also searching for some good practices. I currently try to achieve this kind of behaviour by using PageTable and creating templates for each block/component (prefixed with "c-")...

Thanks for you answers in advance!

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There are already a bunch of topics about exactly that topic. Currently your options are pagetable, pagetable extended or matrix fields, where the last one is a commercial pro module. Depending on the specific need one might be a better fit than the other.

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