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Scheduled Page Publish with Post to FaceBook business page?

John W.

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Hi gang,

I've finished up a site for a local newspaper.  Right now I'm looking at the ScheduledPages plugin whereas, of course, I can schedule pages to publish on certain dates and times.

I was wondering if there is a variation of this module that allows one to schedule when pages are published in addition to posting the page link to my clients FaceBook business page wall?

So, in simple terms a news article can be scheduled to publish at a given date/time and then when it fires off also post a link to that article/page to my clients FaceBook business page wall.


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You could probably use scheduled pages in conjunction with this: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/12478-autofbpost/

Just keep in mind that scheduled pages is using processwire's lazycron, which is triggered by page views. So if your new post should get up at 9:00 and your first page view is a 9:15 your post will be 15 minutes late. Really depends on the (not ProCache'd) activity on the site.

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