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Full text site search function


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Hi there!
I want to implement a "simple" full text search (no ajax needed) into a webpage that's built with processwire. I couldn't find any threads, tutorials or modules helping with this. Can anyone help me with this or point me to a place where I find information how to implement this? 

Thanks in advance!


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you can find some basic search logic in the search.php of the default site profile: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/blob/master/site-default/templates/search.php

In https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/blob/master/site-default/templates/_main.php#L61 you find the code for the search form.

This should get you started.

EDIT: If you should later decide to use AJAX, there is Soma's module: https://github.com/somatonic/AjaxSearch

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Hi johnnydoe, welcome to the forum!

I think the easiest approach is to use the Processwire API.

Give a look at the Skyscrapper profile template files. Specifically, the search.php template file. Take a look at how the Processwire API is used to check for HTTP variables and sanitize the data received.

In the end of the search.php file you will find:

$content .= renderSkyscraperList(findSkyscrapers($selector)); 

..Which you can take a look here in the functions.php file, and it is the function that actually renders the markup from the PageArray retrieved by the selector queries. It is saved into $content, and rendered in _out.php.

You might also take a look at this page of the documentation explaining the $input variable.


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Thank you very much for your help!

For now I took the search from the default site profile. 

But I still have 2 problems, for which I couldn't find a solution so far:

  1. As selector for the results I have now: "title~=$q"  
    ($q stands for the term I entered). This gives me all the pages that have exactly this word in their title. If I enter "kanzler" I won't get a page with "bundeskanzler" -> this seems to be more important for german - where words are often put together - than for english. but it's a german page.
    So far I couldn't find a selector that just checks if a title contains a string (I looked at http://cheatsheet.processwire.com). Is there a possibility to achieve this?
  2. I would like to search fields like body and some others too for the search term. But if I write "title|body~=$q" as e selector, it returns an error ("Error: Exception: Field does not exist: body"), because not all my templates have a body element, I guess? Is there a possiblity to search fields that are not in all templates?

Have a nice week!


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I am trying to implement the search function from the demo into my website. I run into errors, though.

My search.php template starts like this:


<?php namespace ProcessWire;

// look for a GET variable named 'q' and sanitize it
$q = input()->get('q');

// sanitize to text, which removes markup, newlines, too long, etc.
$q = sanitizer()->text($q);

Already at line 4 it throws an error:


Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function ProcessWire\input()...

I am lost... What am I doing wrong? It somehow must have to do with Processwire syntax, but the code is taken directly from the demo... so why wouldn't it work?

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