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Processwire on IIS in 2016

Matt Cohen

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Good morning everybody :)

I am wondering if anyone has a short guide in setting up PW Microsoft IIS Version 10 or if anyone has been able to successfully deploy it on IIS.

Currently building an intranet system with PW for my work, and currently all of their server technology is IIS and are unwilling to deploy a Linux machine

Any assistance or help with this would be absolutely fantastic :)

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I find it very easy to install PHP, URL Rewrite 2.0 and PHP manager with the help of Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WPI). Download and install WPI at http://www.microsoft.com/web/downloads/platform.aspx and then from the list of Products/Frameworks add PHP, from the list of Products/Tools add PHP Manager for IIS and from the list of Products/Server add URL Rewrite 2.0. Click "Install". Next download and install MySQL at https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/installer/. You will need web.config, see attached zip. Run install.php and follow the instructions. 



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I'm trying to run pw (intranet) on a IIS Server. Now I encountered permission issues:

It is only possible to create new pages (with file uploads), when permissions are set to "everybody is allowed to do everything". Obviously our server admin is not happy about this.

As I don't know anything about permission settings on IIS servers I'd be glad if someone could tell me what user should have which permissions.

And: when in config.php debug is set to true, the page tree in the back end is no more accessible.

Thanks for help.

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1 hour ago, joe_ma said:

Obviously our server admin is not happy about this. 

You need to use Application Pool Identities.  Those permissions need to be granted to the user that is set to be the Identity of the application pool in IIS. If you are lost with this feature then ask your sys admin to setup it or get back to us and I will try to give you some steps for setting up this account...



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      Hi there,
      I'm trying to have a multi-site (multiple databases) setup on a IIS (Microsoft) server.
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