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comparing vserver <-> cloud hosting


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hosteurope: 4 cores, 8GB ram, 250GB ssd -> 30€ / month

digitalocean: 4 cores, 8GB ram, 80GB ssd -> 80$ ~ 70€ / month

thats quite a difference - more than twice as much! i've read about many happy digitalocean customers here in the forums but i'm also happy with my vserver until now :)

whats the advantages of using cloud hosting compared to a vserver? is it only the fact that you can scale your server up and down easily on the cloud whereas you have to migrate the whole server when using a vserver?

thanks for your advices :)

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To start with, with DigitalOcean you can choose the location of your droplet, or spread your droplets across the world. You can activate / provision / switch off droplets via API. You pay by time and not by month, so if you need more resources at peaks, you just activate more. 

It's for different usage. HE is for "hosting", DO is for a scaling infrastructure that can be programmatically coordinated. docker-machine supports Digital Ocean, but not Host Europe.

Besides, with DO you have a lot of choice between various OS and pre-configured systems, for example for tryout. And it comes without plesk, which to me is an advantage ;)

For you, HE is probably the best option. For others, it's something else ;)

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I have tested a lot of cloud hosting companies over the years. Out of the companies I have tested till date many of them failed to convince me in terms of their customer service. If I am not wrong I have used SiteGround, Hetzner and eUKhost to name a few.

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