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the moment, when you hire a joomla-freelancer for design-work...


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...and you tell him, that you will do the backend with processwire, what comes out is this: http://kreativan.net/blog/news/website-relaunch/ :)

Out of curiosity, i asked what he will be using for a backend, and thats how i found about this amazing cms or better say cmf (content management framework), and that changed everything (regarding to rebuilding my website).

[...] actualy 80% of entire work was done (on joomla) [...] So i decided to rebuild my rebuilded website :), with ProcessWire CMS/CMF. Why? My joomla version was ok, was working good, but after seeing and testing processwire, i just had to do it, because i knew it's a better solution for this project. Maybe it seems like i wasted a lot of time, but i learned a lot, about joomla and about processwire, and now im glad i did it.
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