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asmSelect and Google PageSpeed mod_pagespeed


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Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone's figured what exactly from mod_pagespeed prevents asmSelect to load/work in PW admin.

The server has mod_pagespeed enabled with a ton of optimizations and everything seems to fly except for asmSelect not loading/working. As soon as I turn off pagespeed for admin dir, it works straight away.

In case anyone is interested:

<IfModule pagespeed_module>
  ModPagespeedDisallow http://*amazingdomainname.com/ungessableadminlink/*

I will spend more time narrowing it down when I have time, but just wondering if anyone's had the same run in with it?



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I've run into this issue a few times...extremely frustrating, until you figure it out, of course :)

After some snooping I determined it has to do with mod_pagespeed's elide_attributes flag, which removes default values, i.e. <select multiple="multiple"> becomes just <select multiple>.  Unfortunately, Inputfield asmSelect's JS hooks onto select[multiple="multiple"], and thus skips those elements when the value isn't explicitly set.

Long story short, remove elide_attributes from ModPagespeedEnableFilters in pagespeed.conf, restart your web server, and it should work.

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