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Marty Walker

next/prev links based on field value

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I'm setting up some next/prev page linking code. I only want those links to show if the page's publish_date field is less than today. Here's my convoluted and cobbled-together code:

$today = time();
if($page->prev->getUnformatted('publish_date')<$today) echo "<li id='prev'><a rel='nofollow' title='{$page->prev->title}' href='{$page->prev->url}'>{$page->prev->title}</a></li>";
if($page->next->getUnformatted('publish_date')<$today) echo "<li id='next'><a rel='nofollow' title='{$page->next->title}' href='{$page->next->url}'>{$page->next->title}</a></li>";

Firstly, is there a way to simplify this? Secondly, if there's no value returned for the previous page (for example) it still outputs the HMTL. ie:

<li id='prev'><a rel='nofollow' title='' href=''></a></li>

Thanks for any help.



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if there's no value returned for the previous page (for example) it still outputs the HMTL

this happens because 0 is less than today. You have to test also for it's existence. "less than today AND more than 0" for example.

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Thanks diogo. This is what I ended up with which works fine:

$today = time();
if($page->prev->getUnformatted('publish_date')<$today && $page->prev->id > 0) echo "<li id='prev'><a rel='nofollow' title='{$page->prev->title}' href='{$page->prev->url}'>{$page->prev->title}</a></li>\n";
if($page->next->getUnformatted('publish_date')<$today && $page->next->id > 0) echo "<li id='next'><a rel='nofollow' title='{$page->next->title}' href='{$page->next->url}'>{$page->next->title}</a></li>";



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Here's another way you could go:

$siblings = $page->siblings('publish_date<' . time()); 
if(($prev = $page->prev($siblings)) && $prev->id) echo "...";
if(($next = $page->next($siblings)) && $next->id) echo "...";
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