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Miguel Scaramozzino

User session ends abruptly

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I'm having problems with a PW 2.7.3 instalation on PagodaBox. The user logins via backend or frontend and after a few page loads the user gets logged out for no apparent reason. I've tried both file and db sessions. Also at first I was using the LoginPersist module, but I also tried uninstalling it. Sessions seem to timeout about 60 seconds after login, sometimes they last only a few seconds.

The exact same code doesn't show this problem on my development (Windows/Apache) and testing (Ubuntu/Apache) servers, but my PagodaBox production instances are constantly logging out the users. BTW I have 2 web instances, 1 mysql, 1 network storage (for site/assets) and 1 worker that processes the email queue in the background.

I'm using PHP 5.6 with no strange extensions, just the usual ones (mysql, pdo, gd, curl, etc).

Any ideas will be really appreciated!

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