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can't get some pages without include=all

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guess i screwed up again but i fail to find the problem.

maybe someone can point me to a direction? :)

- there are a couple of pages (out of thousands) which i can't get/find/count unless i use include=all.

- none of these are either hidden, unpublished, trashed, access managed, or anything that would obviously differ them from the other pages with the same template.

- finder in the backend can also only find those pages using include=all as custom selector.

If i get without include=all, i'll end up with a "Error: Call to a member function numChildren() on a non-object (line 976 of ... /wire/core/Pages.php)". Thought there is no need for include=all in get anyway?

$eactivity = $row[0];
    $numberexist = $pages->count("activityid={$eactivity}, include=all");
      if ($numberexist >= 1) {
        $p = $pages->get("activityid={$eactivity}, include=all");

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Seems it happens to pages in which i update a page field via API. Going to check that again.

-> Those older pages had fields as page arrays but at some point got a value? assigned. Don't know how that happend without throwing an error. However, solved.

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