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.htaccess calling php file with require index.php


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I'm getting this error below. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong? (not sure if its overkill to include pw to the htaccess)


Error: Call to undefined function wire() (line 5 of C:\wamp2\www\nghitest\parse.php)


RewriteRule ^([\w\d]{6})$ parse.php?parse=$1 [L]


$short_url = wire('sanitizer')->url($_GET["parse"]);  

$url = wire('database')->query("SELECT url FROM shorturl WHERE short_url='{$short_url}'")->fetch();
if ($url)
header("location:" . $url);

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which version of ProcessWire are you using ?

If you are under version 3.x.x, put this line at the begining of the file :

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

I'm currently using the 3.0.8 dev ver. I'll add the namespace when I get home and see how that goes.

*Update - Adding the namespace solve my problem thanks for the help.

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