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Looking for an experienced developer to start immediately

Tony Carnell

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We’re looking for an experienced PHP/PW developer to start immediately and help finish a current project, the freelance PW developer of which has had to fall out due to family pressures.

The site allows visitors to search for dams throughout the world built to a certain design and the coding of the site has been largely inspired by the Skyscraper demo.
We’ve got a simple search working, but it was during the development of the advanced search (using 20+ criteria) that the developer had to fall out.
There is other functionality throughout the site which would also require the skills of a PW developer, but the advanced search would form the bulk of the work.
If you’re interested we can provide you with a link to the site under development so that you can gauge for yourself how much work is left to complete.

We’re based in the UK and would prefer to work with someone who is also located here, but we are flexible, it just makes payment easier!
We would like to work on day or half-day payment terms, but again we are flexible.

If you’re interested, please email me at tony@fluvius.co.uk and I can give you more information.

Thanks for looking :)

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