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"not ready to use" error of FieldtypeImage


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Hey all.

I am trying to create an image-field from API. It is working fine, but opening the page with the new image-field leads to the following error:

FieldtypeImage: Field "servicetype_image_1129" is not yet ready to use and needs to be configured.

For all other fields I am creating in this module (e.g. checkbox, textarea)...everything is working without errors.

This is my code to create the image-field:

$f_img = new Field();
$f_img->type  = $this->modules->get("FieldtypeImage");
$f_img->name  = 'servicetype_image_' . $page->id;
$f_img->label = $page->get('title')->getDefaultValue() . ' Service-Type Image';
$f_img->set('maxFiles', '1');
$f_img->set('noLang', 1);
$f_img->set('adminThumbs', 1);
$f_img->set("textformatters", array("TextformatterEntities"));

Anybody an idea what is causing the problem?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

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hm... doesn't work for me. Here's my code:

if(!$fields->get('custom_product_images')) :
	$custom_product_images = new Field(); 
	$custom_product_images->type = $this->modules->get("FieldtypeImage"); 
	$custom_product_images->title = 'Custom Product Images'; 
	$custom_product_images->name = $this->wire('sanitizer')->pageName($custom_product_images->title, true);
	$custom_product_images->label = 'Product Images';
	$custom_product_images->ext = 'gif jpg jpeg png';
	$custom_product_images->tags = 'custom product';
	$custom_product_images->set("textformatters", array("TextformatterEntities"));

I think my field needs to be an "Array of items" at all times, and not "Automatic". How to define that with API? 

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