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Getting values from a page reference


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I must be missing something very basic here.

I have the following code:

$ref_page_id = $page->ref_page;
$ref_page_title = $pages->get($ref_page_id)->title;

But for some (probably a very good one) reason it doesn't work.

In text:

On the current page I have a Page reference fied called ref_page.

When I echo $ref_page_id after the first line, it contains the page id of the reference page. So far so good.

But the second line doesn't produce the correct result. $ref_page_title says Home.

It works when I write the page id manually, like:

$ref_page_title = $pages->get(1243)->title;

What am I missing?


Edit: it does work when I add a second page to the page reference field.

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doesn't return the id, it returns the whole page object (echoes the id though, but var_dumb shows the truth). So no need to get(id), because you already have the correct page. This is what you are looking for:


EDIT: And if you do need the id, it can be get with this:

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Do you allow one or multiple references? If multiple, then do this: $page->ref_page->first()->title; or then foreach then. If only one is allowed, then set it single page object from field settings and earlier example should work.

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