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Crowdfunded Tinypng Integration Module

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@Roope: sorry for this with the image array(), but you already have found your way to get the informations before resize and how to alter them within imagesizer. :)

If you need the pageimage as your final result, you can store it with your first hook. If I remeber right, you already hook into before pageimage:size, right? Store it then, and after you have your tinified file, create a variation pageimage like this:

$tinifiedPageimage = clone $this->previouslyStoredOriginalPageimage; // from your first hook !!


return $tinifiedPageimage;
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Hi David!

I've been super busy all year with our massive house renovation project and haven't got much time to do real work with customer projecs so this module is not tested yet on so many working sites. But it is in use at couple of released projects and works alright. Changes that I promised earlier for v1.1 are done. I haven't tested it on PW3 though, but I can't see no reason why it shouldn't work.

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