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jQuery functions and path


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I have a PHP script being called by AJAX request. At this moment everything work perfectly, but my script is in the root directory, bootstraping PW.

request = $.post('/public_html/pw/contactus.php', serializedData);

My question is, it is possible to put this PHP script in my templates directory and call it from there ? (if I hardcode the path I get a 403 HTTP error and doing that can cause problem between dev environment and production); 

How I should  code my path in the Javascript code ?

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I usually put 'variables' in an javascript object and put it in the site as one of the first scripts. There I define the variable I need, such as page locations etc.

In http://www.copal-development.com for example, the first script tag in de bottom of the page contains an config object. Every script after this script can read that object and thus read the variables.

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