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filter repeater enries by date


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Hi there, 

I have a little problem with a repeater that I'm using for events, containing three fields:

start_date, end_date, description

On the homepage, I want to display the upcoming two events.
So I have to filter out past events, sort by the dagte and set a limit for the output
I thought I could do it with something like the following code, but there's no output:

$nextevents = $pages->get("template=events")->events->find("end_date>today, sort=end_date, limit=2");

foreach($events as $event) : ?>
<li class="future-event"><?= $event->end_date ?><span><?= $event->description ?></span></li>

<?php endforeach ?>

the template of the repeater is called "events" and the repeater field's name is also "events"

I guess it can't be that difficult, but after trying different things and looking through the docs, I still have no idea how to solve it.
Would be great if someone can help!


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With $pages->get("template=events") you only get one page. You need to use $pages->find("template=events") to get all event pages.


$nextevents = $pages->find("template=events")->events->find("end_date>today, sort=end_date, limit=2");

Not sure though if this works. You might need to loop through your events and inside the loop remove those that don' match required dates

$nextevents = $pages->find("template=events, sort=end_date");
foreach($nextevents as $e) {
  if ($e->getUnformatted(events->end_date) < time()) $nextevents->remove($e);
// get first 2 events with slice, see https://processwire.com/api/arrays/
nextevents = $nextevents->slice(0, 2);

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Thanks for your quick reply!

Find doesn't work in this context and produces an error:

Error: Call to a member function find() on a non-object

As I only need one page (the one where the repeater is included), I think "get" is ok here.

Your second idea sounds promising, but unfortunately, the code doesn't work either.

Anyway, thanks for your support!

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Your version is not working because the runtime selector currently does not support parsing "today" to it's timestamp like the db selector engine does.

$pages->find("template=repeater_events, end_date>today, sort=end_date, limit=2");
$pages->get("template=events")->events->find("end_date>" . time() . ", sort=end_date, limit=2");
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It's not about pages or repeaters – which is irrelevant – but about the way you handle them. For the most part any method you call directly on the $pages object will result in a database query, whereas all the other find() or get() calls are only searching pages, which are already in memory. That's the differentiating factor.

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