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Exif tag "Orientation"


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just want to add results from above tests for 'tree.jpg'.

  • file_exists = 1
  • exif_read_data = TRUE
  • exif = TRUE
  • exif["Orientation"] = TRUE
  • Orientation = 8

frontend, halfsized is in right orientation: yes [x ] - no [ ]
backend Original    is in right orientation: yes [ ] - no [x]
backend Thumbnail    is in right orientation: yes [x] - no [ ]

Is this what I normally would have to expect?


No additional image-related modules in use,

PW is 2.7.2

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@HannaP: yes, that's the normal behave with autoRotated enabled. When disabled, every image would be generated and displayed with uncorrected / wrong orientation.

If you have autoRotation on, all derived image variations gets corrected in imagesizer, if:

  1. the original image itself contains the right entry for the Orientation in Exif.
  2. the setting for auto rotation gets not altered somewhere on the way until it reaches the imagesizer.


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Also the original image is never changed except if the image field does have max. dimensions set and the image is larger.

@Lostkobrakai: Good point! I need to bookmark this! Settings in max dimensions break the chain, we lost all EXIF and other markers in the "original" image. Would be good if we could write it back in this special case.

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