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How to post a link and treat it like facebook?


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Hi all,

i want to have a field where i will paste only URL links from external pages. I want this to be treated like facebook:


after, when i will save it, it will be in my page as title, image, description and a target: _blank link to go in the external page where i cut it

Thank you in advance

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First, welcome to the forum.

There are many ways to accomplish goals in ProcessWire, so I'm sure others will submit additional info, or a completely different solution. :)

Probably the simplest method to start with would be to create a text field to hold the desired URL, and reference that page field in your code as the usage section describes on the github preview site.

$preview_url = new LinkPreview( $your_page->your_field );
$parsed_url = $preview_url->getParsed();


Also, that solution on that site is not the only solution available, as this functionality has been a fairly common request for a number of years. So you might want to search around for an option (e.g., jquery) that may better fit your needs.

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