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CKEditor like input, but saving formating in markdown?


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i'm asking myself, if it's possible to have an editor, who's usable for people without markdown knowlege, but saves the WYSIWYG stuff in markdown format. For instance one marks the text "Lorem Ipsum", chooses H2 in a dropdown and the text is displayed for him as H2, but the sourcecode in the background is ##Lorem Ipsum , which gets saved and outputed per markdown module.

i fiddled a around with the markdown input formating and CKEditor as Input, until i learned that markdown will only format the output  :-[

someone already tryed to do so? 

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I've toyed around with a number of options to achieve that for my ongoing pw-based forum project too, but I didn't get anywhere. So I've settled on including MarkItUp as message editor in the frontend and added a preview button that retrieves the formatted HTML for the markdown through ajax and displays it in a lightbox. I guess this might be a feasible approach for you too.

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OK, a bit OT....

I was finding it increasingly annoying writing README's for my modules in Markdown. It takes way too much time. I needed something that could convert HTML to markdown, the idea being to write in RTE, copy the source HTML and convert that to markdown. I briefly toyed with the idea of writing a personal module for this, then I found this thread which lead me to other things via Google. And now I've found it, a MS Word plugin for markdown, yeah!!

Yes, I am not a fan of markdown and yes I like Word! :P ...a lot. Now I can type my README's and see the visual richness at the same time as I spell check, yeah!

Writage (a Markdown plugin for MS Word. It uses Pandoc behind the scenes)

Pandoc (brilliant universal converter)

Other interesting stuff

HTML To Markdown for PHP


</end OT>

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