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Tutorial: Building a simple REST API in ProcessWire


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Hi @pwired,

a bit off-topic, but so what...

I use bootstrap to always have the grid and basic options available. Maybe this is not needed on my own page, but maybe I wanted to be prepared to release more content.

Is there a question which packages I use, or should this be an advice to code css without bootstrap?


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Hi Fantomas,

Thanks for jumping in. No it's just that in the past I was obsessed with css grids because I couldn´t code my own css grid. I must have tried all css grids out there. Nowadays, the more I write my own css grid, the less I see the overkill use of a css grid such as bootstrap or uikit, etc. The only use I still see for css grids like bootstrap, uikit, etc. is when you are working together with a group of coders where a consistent way of working is needed on the same project.

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7 minutes ago, AndreasWeinzierl said:


Tough question ? Have you seen this module? 


or this one as another related alternative:


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2 hours ago, AndreasWeinzierl said:

And it is still the best way to go?

From the API side it is still valid and working code. I don't think there is one best way to go. This tutorial shows one possible approach. There are many different other approaches possible. But at least it shows the basics of implementing a REST API.

You can also have a look at https://modules.processwire.com/modules/rest-api-profile/ which is the most recent approach I'm aware of.

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16 hours ago, JeevanisM said:

@gebeer thanks for the detailed tutorial.

Glad that this is still useful for you. In the meantime there have been quite a few posts about this topic and there is a great module out there that can assist in building REST APIs with ProcessWire: https://processwire.com/modules/rest-api/

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