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Can't upload more than 161 images (limit is set to 0)


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I've got a photo album with 177 images, but I can upload only 161 of them.

Image field limit is set to 0 (tried 177 and 200 as well)

In the first place I could upload all my images, but not all showed on the front-end. After reloading the back-end I got this message:

2015-12-21 13:00:03	admin	https://www.update27.example.com/processwire/page/edit/?id=2069	Removed 'images' temp file(s) for page /photos/ski-2011/ - ski2011-151.jpg, ski2011-154.jpg, ski2011-156.jpg, ski2011-155.jpg, ski2011-157.jpg, ski2011-159.jpg, ski2011-152.jpg, ski2011-161.jpg, ski2011-158.jpg, ski2011-153.jpg, ski2011-160.jpg (Pageimages)

After that I tried to upload only a small bunch of photos. Until photo #161 it worked that way … but now I get a message, that the request seems to be forged.

When I delete any image I can upload a new one. But 161 images seems to be some kind of limit.

  • Files are created (original and resized) in the page folder.
  • There is enough disk space
  • checked permissions for folder and files 
  • there is no memory error
  • there is nothing in my Apache log
  • tried a newly created page, but same error
    (uploaded all at once and all got delete after reloading the page, if I only upload 161 images everything is fine)

Using PW 2.7.2, PHP 5.6 with FASTCGI

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