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Save hook running when page is trashed


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I have a simple module that creates a page when another page is saved with a checkbox field checked.

My code below works well but I have one issue, it runs when the page is trashed as well as saved (creating an erroneous second duplication of the page).

	public function init() {
		$this->pages->addHookAfter('save', $this, 'dupeStandalone');

	public function dupeStandalone($event) {
		$page = $event->arguments[0];

		if($page->template->name == "article_language" && $page->article_standalone == 1) {

				$a = new Page();
				$a->template = 'article_standalone';

				$a->parent = wire('pages')->get('/article/');
				$a->name = $page->name;
				$a->title = "{$page->title} (standalone placeholder post for {$page->parent->parent->title}-only article)";


Could anyone help as to why it runs the function on trash as well as save?

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A page, which should be trashed, is moved to another parent, which in turn needs to be saved. That's actually intended behaviour.

Ahh hah! Lighbulb moment, thanks @LostKobrakai!

I also located a bit of info in an old post from Ryan...

"Both the trash() and restore() functions are triggered by $pages->save() when it detects that the parent has changed to or from the trash"

In that post he says you can use this to check if a page has moved...


Also checking if it is in trash makes sense too.

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