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POST variables to page via ajax


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hi i want to post variables to a page via ajax to get result from my database depenting my post value
so my ajax is:

var clickval = clickelement.value;
var dataval = "city=" + clickval;

type: 'POST',
url: "*MY PAGE SMART URL*", // e.g. http://my_domain/my_page....
data: dataval,
dataType: 'text', //or json, i try both
complete: function(data, status){




and in php page: 

$getcity = $input->post->city;
echo "value = ".$getcity;

just to show my post value...
and my alert is "value = ".
$getcity is empty and $input has no value inside and it seems like post is never be done, but i have no error in my console...
can anyone help me?

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Have a read here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/225-how-to-work-with-ajax-driven-content-in-processwire/

It would be good to use $config->ajax; (or wire('config')->ajax if within a function

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Your code is probably just an example but you need to sanitize your inputs before saving them and entitiy encode them if you are going to be echoing them back to the user immediately

Edit 2:

What Soma said below :-)

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