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Forgive me if this has been answered before, but the threads I have read have talked about upcoming features, which I am not sure whether they are available or not.

What I am trying to do is have quite a comprehensive user profile available (I am attempting to build a simple forum with PW). I can sort of get it to work with a second user profile table, but there is always the possibility that the two will get out of step.

Is there a way of adding fields to the existing 'users' pages? (Any other tips would be most welcome.)

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You can add whatever fields you want to the user template. I'm building a fairly complex user profile setup as well.

Go to: Setup > Templates, at the top of the page open the "filters" area and enable "show system templates".

Now you can add any of your fields to the user template.

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Supplementary question - what's the best way to have some information from a user profile available for public viewing (ie to allow 'guest' viewing rights to some information)?

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Hi Dave,

Unless there's some method of showing profile info that I'm not aware of (entirely possible), you can choose to display or not display any profile information in your template.

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This comes back to everything in PW being a page, even users.

For example, I can fetch myself using $pete = $pages->find('template=user, name=pete, include=hidden');

You might want to check that field name though since I'm on my phone, but I think that's right anyway. Either way the users section is hidden so you will need that bit on the end I think.

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<?php foreach($users->find($item->writer) as $usr); ?>

Odd thing that my custom field not showing when using print_r or var_dump, but still works if using $usr->customfield. Sorry about this post, I had a question, but found an answer already. Can't delete my own posts.

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I have created a standard field type as userphone , then I added this field to the User template. I created a phone field type using Phone Field module. I added this field to the User template also.


Now I used the below to create a test user

 $u = new User();
$u->name = "saarun";
$u->email = "saarunthomas@example.com";
$u->pass = "123456";
$u->Phone = 9446196667;
$u->userphone = 9446196667;
$u->headline = "hello there";

and I tried to out put as below

     $item = $users->get("saarun");
echo $item->email;
echo $item->Phone;
echo $item->paid;
echo $item->headline;
echo $item->userphone;

and I got the output a below.  Neither the userphone value nor the Phone value are output ... what am I doing here wrong  ? pls help



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