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Multilingual website and urls


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I 've got 2 languages let's say default and german and I am using multilingual fields:

  1. Is there a way to disable fallback to default language url if german is not active for a page ?
  2. Is there a way to have active only the german language for some pages  ?
  3. example.com/mypage redirects to example.com/default/mypage, can I disable that ?
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welcome ounos :)

1. I think you need to clarify a little more, where should it fallback to default if german is not active?

     Maybe you mean "Inherit value from default language" under Field Settings -> Details?

2. Not directly, but you could have your own redirection, for example create a custom field e.g. "only_de" than in your template or prepended template file _init.php

if($page->only_de) {
    $de = $languages->get('de');

3. Edit you home page (page with page id 1) and under settings you remove default name for default language, so you leave the url field empty

   and set "de" for your german url for example

Just ask if something isn't clear or I got you wrong ;)


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