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404 error on changing page status


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Hi Ryan and the processwire crew.

I had an interesting error come up today. I did up some new pages for a client, saved but left unpublished and later, tried to set the page status to published but hidden so the client could see it before it went live. When I hit the save button it returned a 404 page not found error. I tried several more times, logging out and then back in and even deleted the page and created a new one. It kept returning 404. I finally had to use PHPmyAdmin to make the changes manually.

Has that error been documented? I'm trying to determine if it's a database problem on my end or some obscure bug that just popped up today. I have to admit this is the first time I've done up a page and left it unpublished.

Using pw2.1

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Hi digitex, I am on v and I just tried to emulate what you did, I created four pages, two I created and didn't even click publish (just left them as titles) and two I created, added content, saved, edited to untick-published. Then I left them a few minutes to make tea, then I returned and published all four. No problem.

I have no idea if it's more likely to be your version not being as late as mine or something and I am sure Ryan/others more knowledgeable will comment more.

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Thanks for the reply Alan and for going to the trouble to try to replicate the problem. I created 3 pages and only one gave me the 404 error, the other two, handled in the same way, were no problem. If I knew it was just a weird glitch that might not ever happen again I would be cool with it but if it's perhaps a database issue that might lead to a corruption in the db then I'd start sweating a little.

I have downloaded the latest version and was planning to upgrade and since I don't really need to save and leave unpublished I just won't do that. Here's hoping I never see that again. :)

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Good luck with the latest version, if you still get the problem then post to let me know and I'll try it here again, but with more pages. And happy Easter fellow Ontarian :)

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Digitex, I've not seen/heard of this issue before, so thinking it may be isolated. I agree it would be good to go ahead and upgrade just in case the version had some side effect. If you can still reproduce the issue after that, let me know what PHP and MySQL version you are running so I can try to setup a similar test environment.

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