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Mysterious WireMail


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there are some topics here and there mentioning WireMail. However, I can't find any traces of it in the API section nor in Modules. There are WireMail SMTP, WireMail Branding etc, but not WireMail itself. Is it a part of a publiс API or just a piece of  PW internals not intended for end users?

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WireMail is core and mails with the default PHP mail function,
WireMailSmtp and WireMailSwiftMailer extends WireMail, when installed one of these will be used as mailer.

WireMailBranding, is just a convenience Module that wraps markup around the HTML you want to send.

Here wireMail function binds to the MailObject. (That is why wireMail() is a function call)

Here's the WireMail class

Is it a part of a publiс API or just a piece of PW internals not intended for end users?

I don't understand this one :-) use what you need if it makes sense.

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Sometimes a little bit of Googling can be helpful: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5693-new-module-type-wiremail/. WireMail is a core class that provides support for sending email, and in template context you can access its features through the wireMail() function.

Native WireMail implementation is just an abstraction layer on top of PHP's native mail() function, but other WireMail modules provide different methods, such as SMTP support (which is a key part of both WireMailSwiftMailer and WireMailSMTP), or other features, like the WireMail Branding which wraps WireMail messages with custom markup.

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