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Upgrade from 2.6.1 to 2.7.0: Edit, View, New, Move... are no more translated


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I've upgraded 2 websites (for the moment) from version 2.6.1 to version 2.7.0.

One is now in production mode (a website migrated/converted in a few days from ImpressPages CMS to ProcessWire, now responsive - apart from the top menu that is not fully responsive - and using UIkit).

And the other that is still in development mode.

I've just noticed something, as I often put the superuser in English while developing or if I have to manage the production website.

Since the upgrade apparently, be it with Reno Theme or the Default Theme (I've checked with both just in case), Edit, View, New, Move, etc. are not translated anymore when having another language, like French for example, as the language for the superuser or a simple user with less rights.

In both cases, the "default" language is the French/non-English one.

Does someone else encounter the same problem?

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I didn't wait this time for the French Language Pack (fr-FR) update before upgrading to the new stable version.

I didn't expect this.

All other translations seem to keep on working.

I've tried with different  browsers, just in case.

I may post a link to this topic in the French Language Pack (fr-FR) Support Forum.

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Do you know in which file it is now? I'm curious. I can't manage to find it via GitHub's repository search form.

What would be the "procedure" in order to be able to fix it quickly? Could I just add a new file with the translations?

What should be it's name and what should it contain? How could I add it? Do you already have it in German?

A lot of questions, I know...

Have a nice week!

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Hey, these strings have changed with the 2.6 >> 2.7 transition (the tree was partially (completely?) redone afaik). 

I'll be updating the translation soon, no ETA yet, but it looks like I might have some this this weekend. If you really need French everywhere, please stay on 2.6 master for now. :)

EDIT : What LastKobrakai said. 

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