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New installation: site links 404 errors and /processwire/ access failure


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I've just installed the latest version of PW on debian 8 with apache2. The install went flawless; no errors. After the install completed I tried to access /processwire/ and failed with a 404 error. The home page of the site displays, but all links fail with 404 errors.

Research suggests to edit .htaccess to make sure RewriteBase poinst to [path]/processwire/. I did that, but access to /processwire/ is still failing. I've also tried to enable AllowOverride All in the apache2 configuration file, but to no avail.

Any suggestions?


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I don't know your (Debian) GNU/Linux level relative to LAMP, so I will ask some questions...

Have you also enabled mod_rewrite (it is not by default)?

Have you restarted Apache2?

(Do you have /index.php/ in the url paths of the other pages?)

Are you using Debian's default LAMP "package"?

Can you give more details?

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