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Pull elements from a date field


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I have a field type datetime that I have configured in PW backend.

However, I want to split this down so that I can display the day and month/year separately.

echo $page->datefield;

Gives me the full date that looks like '8 November 2015'

How do I express the PHP code to just echo the '8'.

Then just echo the 'November 2015' ?

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Something like this should do it. But you'd want to set timezones if necessary and maybe use PHP DateTime Class for more complex needs. Read below links  PHP date

$d = strtotime($page->datefield);
echo date('d', $d) . '<br>';//e.g 8
echo date('F Y', $d);//e.g. November 2015




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On 11/8/2015 at 8:40 PM, LostKobrakai said:

You can get the timestamp of the date when accessing the unformatted field data like so:

$ts = $page->getUnformatted("datefield");
$day = date("d", $ts);
$monthYear = date("F Y", $ts);

@LostKobrakai, thank You for this!

I have to split a date/time field into day of week, day, month and time in a loop (an archive of events) and couldn't figure it out. I saw this function at forums several times before but didn't know I can use it with date. Awsome! Thanks again for the tip. ?

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