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Password for admin/users change when uploading DB to production site

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Hi Folks -- My first process wire site is finally going into production soon, and we are excited! So far everything has been smooth, thank you for all your great work! One problem I'm running into is that when I copy over the development database to the production site (I'm using the module DB Backups to copy and download the database on the development site, and then upload and restore on the production site), the passwords for the admin and other users are somehow getting changed, and I can't log in again, until I use the reset password link to set it back (to the same password on the development site!) I know I must be overlooking something stupid, but I've tried copying DBs over many times, and each time I run into it.

What could be the problem? Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thank you,


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Do you use

  • A) different values for $config->userAuthSalt in site/config.php
  • B) different PHP versions with the environments


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