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Can´t install LanguageSupport module

L. Leopold

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Hi everyone,

I got a serious problem with the LanguageSupport module. I already found a forum thread regarding the topic, but it doesn't work in my case.


My problem is, that "ProcessLanguage" can get installed but "LanguageSupport" doesn't. I can uninstall ProcessLanguage via the Module configuration, but that doesn't change anything.  I always get this Error:


I've found a "Languages" Page under Admin/Setup and deleted it with this code


$pag = $pages->get( 'name=languages, template=admin' );
$pag->status = Page::statusSystemOverride;
$pag->status = 0;

I also deleted the LanguageSupport module via FTP from the server and uploaded the newest version of it. The error still occurs. 

I'm still a beginner and don't know how to deal with it. Please help me!

I'm using the Blue-VR Site Profile made by Gayan Virajith, if that information helps.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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I think there's a hickup in your database - the sqlstate error hints that there's a duplicate entry.

make sure to empty the trash in pw backend and if possible look directly in the database and look out for the "language-22" entry in "name_parent_id", my guess is this is in the pages table. I'm afraid that you deleted the admin page for the language settings (id 22?), possibly this needs to be present.

not sure tho, maybe someone else has more experience with that…



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  • 4 weeks later...

A suggestion someone posted in the original thread regarding this topic solved. The problem was in the database, I just had to delete it and start a new one.


hey guys,

I had the same problem. I connected a database that was connected to processwire in a previous installation.

After installing processwire with a fresh database everything works fine for me.

Thank you very much for you help!


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