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Image uploads disappearing on save

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 When i'm uploading multiple Images in backend everything looks fine first.

- All Images are uploading

- All Images are shown as Thumbnails 

but after saving, about 50% of the images are gone. For Example: I upload 10 images, every image is shown in the form, but after saving i have just 5 or 6 images assigned.

I don't get any errors, not in Developer Console, not in PW logs, no PHP Errors

If i drag and drop them one after on the upload area (same files) and wait until thumbnail is shown and then save the form, everything works fine.

If i try the same form local on a XAMPP installation, everything works fine.

Any idea ?

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I had the same problem a few days ago when I tried to add 40 highres images in one go. On localhost. There were only like 3 images in the assets folder, rest didn't make it, except into the db.

I mixed things up pretty bad, sorry. Had that installation still lying around and refreshed my memory: I had a problem with images, but not nearly close to this one (was about generating lots and lots of thumbnails).

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I can confirm a behave like @NoremPload describes, but not like @tsdtsdtsd said. This must be different things.

I have noticed this two times by myself:

 1) on a PW 2.3.5 site, a year ago or so. Here it has gone away without any interaction. (??) weird!

 2) on a local installation of a friend, where it occured from time to time. But couldn't detect any reason why it behaves that way.

All images were stored in the assets files subfolder and all admin thumbnail variations were successfully created. After a page reload, with or without using the save button, some images were gone from the images field. (not written into DB)

And without allowing to overwriting existing images on upload in the field edit page, you are not able to upload them again! (Error about image files are already exists, but may belong to another field of that page!)

Only thought is, that it (must) have to do with the MySQL DB and the lot of concurrent save requests for the pages image field! But I'm not very familiar with DB stuff.

So, as it is also a bit weird that an optional wanted sort order gets distorted by a multiple asynchronus upload I always use zip upload nowadays. You can enable zip upload to image fields. This way only one file gets uploaded, and than one by one image gets extracted, registered and variation created. No concurrent tasks anymore. Also an optional wanted alphabetical sortorder is kept. :)

As this only is a workaround, the asynchronous concurrent images upload should work too. And it does work for maybe 99,9995 percent. But if you run into that 0,0005 percent, it is weird.

If you like, you can open an issue on github. If not, I will do so later. Am on the go now. :)

BTW: @NoremPload, your avatar reminds me of an old friend of mine. :lol:

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hi again,

Thx for your detailed reply! I tried the zip upload, it also does not work 100%. Uploading a 40MB Zip File works, but everything over about 150MB failes, i have 250 MB max_filesize and 250 memory_limit, maybe that's not enough and the error i get doesn't help => Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'error' of null(anonymous function) @ InputfieldFile.min.js?v=118:1

I bulid workaround upload page where i upload the zip, unpack it and add the images via API. 

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I just experienced this issue for myself today. I tried uploading 10 images, and it will only "Save" 5 of them. It also seems like it isnt saving them in the order of upload (it appears to be pretty random).

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The order of files is determined by the order of finishing the upload and not the order of input. 

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