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Handling JSON


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I have a couple pages that just do JSON transactions. In them I confirm $config->ajax is TRUE and the $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] is 'POST'.

But then the only way I have found to get the JSON payload is to use file_get_content('php://input') then use either decode_json or wireDecodeJSON to return an associative array.

It would be great if the $config->ajax is set for PW to create $input->json (or possibly $input->xml if the payload is XML though I think that is less relevant).

Is there a cleaner way to handle this than what I am doing?

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No, I hadn't but I just scanned through it. I don't see how it would give me the contents payload of an AJAX POST. I can see how to use this module to send a GET that returns JSON data (public function getJSON).

Maybe I'm just not getting it but how would you use this to create a page to process an AJAX POST where the payload of the request is the JSON data? The issue I'm wrestling with is how to get the payload; I have a solution but was wondering if there was a better way.

Reading back on my post I can see I wasn't as clear as I had thought - the web pages initiate JSON posts in JavaScript using JQuery's ajax function. The ProcessWire pages just handle the AJAX POST; they don't initiate them.

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Now I get you... sorry. That's a nice one for a feature request. 

$allDataBack = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'));

Yes, that's basically what I'm doing now except I'm using wireDecodeJSON because it will return an empty array for an empty JSON array. I don't have to special-case checks.

Yes, I thought it would be a nice feature. I spent a lot of time trying to dig the payload out of $input before I gave up and went to PHP-native code.

Thanks for looking.

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