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"Add new" and roles: templates missing


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my problem: with the role created for my client, the "add new" button don't list all templates authorized for this role.

With the admin role all template are listed:


With the client role city (ville) and program (programme) are missing :


Have you any idea?

Thanks a lot! :)

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Hello mr-fan,

- the rights for parent templates, too : all inherit the rights from the home template, rights enabled for the client (see, modify, create, add). And in the three pages, my client can add all templates types!

- allowed child templates there: no problem for child/parents allowed, it's ok for all roles using the three page but theses templates not appears with the add shortcut menu. But again, it's ok for the admin role.

- add new button activated for shure : yes, that's why for the admin role, it works fine. 

What is strange is that it seems a problem of rights only for the shortcut menu with the client role...
My version; 2.6.19
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Thanks for your help.

I understand that there are two different things: "shortcuts" and now the "add new bookmarks".

The problem is the same in the "Pages > add new" that in the shortcuts button

All available for the admin:


Two missing for the client role:


But taking a look closer, I see that the 2 missing templates for the client are those that can add a new item in multiple possibles parents, like a new city in any of already department created.

For the admin, PW send a page to choose the unique parent among the possibles ones:


On the contrary, for the client, PW seems to don't allow this. But, we can add items with multiple possibles parent using the page three, so the right for these templates are well allowed for this role. 

Do you think it is possible to have the same behavior (use shortcuts) when the client want to quickly add an item in any page of a given template?

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