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Date – Multilanguage Output


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i did a multilanguage-install.

english and german are needed

i set german as default (install german languagepack at default)

then add english (en) as second language

my date-output is custom: %A %d %B %Y (Details Tab)
echo $page->date

the problem is that i always get the english ouput.

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Strange behavior. I have the following settings in my Details Tab:

German: %e. %B %G

English: %e %B %G

A slightly difference - German has a dot(.) after %e - it outputs all in correct language:

German: 22. Oktober 2015

English: 22 October 2015

Try it with this date formats and see if the result are the same as in this example.

Best regards


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it works!

$lang = $user->language->name;
if($lang == 'default') {
setlocale(LC_TIME, "de_DE.UTF8");
else {
setlocale(LC_TIME, "en_EN.UTF8");
utf8_encode(strftime('%A <br>%d %B %Y', $page->getUnformatted('postDate')))
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