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Update is same as any other ProcessWire module. However, in this case, we also have to delete the following folders:

  • /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/mmimage/
  • /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/mmlink/
  • /site/modules/MediaManager/plugins/

In addition, you need to remove references to the the plugins MMImage and MMLink from any CKEditor field that were using them.

  • Edit the field
  • Go to Input Tab
  • Under CKEditor Settings > CKEditor Toolbar delete references to MMImage and MMLink
  • Scroll down to Plugins and untick mmimage and mmlink
  • Save

The update does not write anything; neither to your file system nor to your database. Therefore, it shouldn't affect anything related or unrelated. Better to be safe always, however, so, create a backup of your site first

  • Backup your files and db
  • replace or overwrite the contents of /site/modules/MediaManager/ with the contents of the folder MediaManager-007. If overwriting, remember to delete the plugins folders as stated above since there will be nothing to overwrite them with from the MediaManager-007 folder
  • Hit module refresh
  • Test that everything works fine
  • Acquaint yourself with the latest changes
  • Let your clients know about the changes :-)
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It should stay there if you are on list view and have a long list. That way you always have the edit panel in view rather than scrolling back up. When you scroll back up it should go back to the normal position. Please see the gif I posted earlier..

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5 minutes ago, kongondo said:

It should stay there if you are on list view and have a long list. That way you always have the edit panel in view rather than scrolling back up. When you scroll back up it should go back to the normal position. Please see the gif I posted earlier..

Possibly I explained it not good enough sry for that. Yeah I understand/know that the image jumps to the top when scrolling so that I can see the image always. But when I go up again the image still has the fixed class. You can see in my previous post, that the image overlaps the search menu...

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29 minutes ago, kongondo said:

Hmm. I had that bug and resolved it in my install. What browser are you using? Or are you on a device?

I'm on my mac. I've tested it on chrome, firefox and safari. The bug is happening in all 3 browsers. I had installed the Module with "Add module from Upload". It created a new folder and changed the old folder to hidden. After that I have updated the media manager and removed the mmplugins from all fields and also from the inputfieldckeditor plugin folder.


EDIT: It's weird. Sometimes it works and sometimes not?   It doesn't work with the images which are very big/long in height (1000px x 2000px). And this behavior also happens only then when the long image was selected first.

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Checked again and it works fine on FF and Chrome in Windows. Wondering if it's a Mac thing? Are you able to test on a Mac machine? 

Anyone else experiencing this? 

Edit: Facepalm! :-[

I should have noted your image dimensions. I forgot to add that to the release notes. For tall images (yours is 2000px high) you will (currently) experience that problem. It has to do with the JS calculating how far the window has been scrolled up in relation to the height of your monitor minus the height of the parent div of the preview/edit panel (the difference). If your image is taller than your monitor, that will result in a negative difference and hence when you scroll back up, the 'fixed' class is not removed. I wasn't able to find a solution before this release but will work on it. Apologies.

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5 hours ago, Nukro said:

How do I have to update the Media Manager?

For modules not in the modules directory and not on Github I always update by doing: Modules > Site > Add New > Add Modules From Upload

That will also update an existing module. To me that is easier than unzipping and replacing folder.

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49 minutes ago, Rudy said:

@kongondo, it looks like the modal window repeater bug still exist in 0.0.7.

I would expect it to :P. As per my release notes for version 007, this version is not compatible with PW version 2.8 and 3.x (which are one and the same save for namespacing in the latter). Version 008 of MM will be compatible with those versions of ProcessWire as well as preserve backward compatibility. The repeater bugs were common to these newer versions of ProcessWire and hence will be tackled in the next release. Thanks.

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Hi all. Very minor update (I didn't even change the module version - it stays at 007). I think I've fixed the bug where long images would stay fixed at the top on scroll up in list-view. 

@Nukro, if you don't mind, please download the latest zip file(still MediaManager-007.zip),  test and let me know if this fixes the issue? The only file that needs replacing is ProcessMediaManager.js. Thanks.

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8 minutes ago, kongondo said:

Hi all. Very minor update (I didn't even change the module version - it stays at 007). I think I've fixed the bug where long images would stay fixed at the top on scroll up in list-view. 

@Nukro, if you don't mind, please download the latest zip file(still MediaManager-007.zip),  test and let me know if this fixes the issue? The only file that needs replacing is ProcessMediaManager.js. Thanks.

Thanks @kongondo it works know :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Media Manager version 008  (released 09/12/2016)

Happy to announce the latest release of Media Manager.


  1. Fully compatible with ProcessWire 2.8 and 3.x (@see note #1 below though).
  2. Fully compatible with repeaters including ProcessWire 2.7, 2.8 and 3
  3. Fully compatible with Repeater Matrix
  4. Fixed bug in Media Manager insert-image-in-RTE feature. Please note, there are a some slight UI changes, but nothing major.  Also @see note #2 below.


  1. Maybe it's my environment or the file compiler but in ProcessWire 3.x, if you delete media, they are reported as not deleted until you manually refresh the page
  2. In case you didn't know, you do not have to use FieldtypeMediaManager/InputfieldMediaManager to insert images in the RTE
  3. Please also upgrade to version 004 of Jquery File Upload (uploaded today)
  4. A couple of people are reporting not getting confirmation emails after purchasing MM. I'm looking into this
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Hi @kongondo

I wanted to ask, how it is going with fixed filters inside the media manager? You had said you would look further into it when you have dispensed the version 7. It is a top priority of my customer since it would pretty simplify the workflow of his workers. It's very important, I would be glad when you could say a period (Version 9 ? ) when you would release such a feature. In the end I wanted to thank you for all you efforts you have put in this respectively in your Product, in my eyes it is a masterpiece of work!

Greetings Orkun 

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14 hours ago, Nukro said:

Hi @kongondo

I wanted to ask, how it is going with fixed filters inside the media manager?

Hi @Nukro,

It is planned for the next version. Technically, I already know how I will implement this. What I am still unsure of is how I will implement the GUI (from a usability point of view). With lister, each lister gets its own fixed filter configurations. With Media Manager, there's only one canvass, so to speak. We will probably need a dedicated page to handle the creation and editing of a filter configuration. Users would need to be able to select the active 'filter' configuration/profile. I would like the whole thing to be a simple thing to do (from user perspective) but without cluttering the MM interface. I'll need some time to think this through.  I would appreciate any thoughts you have, thanks. As for ETA, I am afraid it cannot happen before the new year.

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Media Manager version 009  (released 16/12/2016)

Happy to announce the latest release of Media Manager.


  1. Filter Profiles: Feature enables configuring of various media filter interfaces (similar to ListerPro). This feature was requested here. Please see otes below

Filter Profiles Usage

  1. To use the so-called Filter Profiles feature, you will first have to enable it in your settings (see images below). 
  2. Head over to any media view. You will see a 'config' tab next to the  Filters tab. Click on it. It will open a modal
  3. Create your profiles (one at a time). These are added to a table in that modal view.
  4. Click on the title of a filter profile to configure it's filters. Moves to 'single filter profile edit view'
  5. Set a filter as active by selecting it in the dropdown at the top of the modal view (#2)
  6. To delete one or more filter profiles, click their trash icon and save (there's a checkbox to confirm action)
  7. Close the modal. The Media Manager Library will reset and if you set an active filter in #5, your Media will be filtered according to your settings

Currently, any user can create filters. Depending on your feedback, this might change. We might also add other features, e.g. locking down filters so they cannot be deleted.

OK, that's it from Media Manager for this year. Hope it's been fun! 







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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey @kongondo

I think I have encountered an Issue with using the Media Manager with an multi language setup. It looks like the title field is always only filled out in the user language. Let's say I have 2 Languages, english(default) and german. Let's say my user language is german at the moment and I am uploading a new image. Now the default tab of the title of the uploaded image is empty. So when I change the user-language to the default language it won't show any titles in media manager interface since it is empty in the default tab. 

Would it perhaps possible to fillout the default langauge tab of the title field too even my user language is not the default at the moment? When you are adding tags to the image, all language tabs are also filled out. 

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      Special Feature
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      This module uses DragScroll. A JavaScript available from: http://github.com/asvd/dragscroll. Dragscroll adds the ability in view mode "Day" to drag the records horizontally with the mouse pointer.
      This module uses the PHP class parseUserAgentStringClass available from: http://www.toms-world.org/blog/parseuseragentstring/. This class is required to filter out the browser type and operating system from the server request.
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