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On 2/5/2020 at 8:30 PM, xportde said:

Do you mean Image maximum width / height? So I misunderstood the notes Maximum width / height of resized images (pixels),


On 2/5/2020 at 8:30 PM, xportde said:

I thought, this settings are for resizing, not for uploading?

They are for both. If using resizing feature, the images will be constrained to those limits. If they fall short of the minimum, the images are discarded. If not using resizing, original images should meet the minimum and maximum constraints. 

On 2/5/2020 at 8:30 PM, xportde said:

Maybe you could write the notes accordingly (Max width / height for uploaded images)?

Good idea. I'll see how to better word this. I am coming up blank at the moment 😁

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Downloading Media From Media Manager Library

I was recently asked whether it was possible to download media already uploaded to Media Manager. Currently, there is no automated way to do this. However, using the ProcessWire API, one can achieve this. Below is a starter code showing how one can download image media from Media Manager. I'll consider adding this feature to Media Manager.

Please note that I have deliberately left Tracy debugging statements in the code. You will want to wrap this around a check if user is Superuser.

// get limited number of media manager images
$mmPages = $pages->find('template=media-manager-image, limit=10');
$tempName = 'media_manager_downloads';// temporary name for folder to place images in

// @note: could have used $files->tempDir('hello-world'); but not working for some reason
// create a new directory in ProcessWire's cache dir
$copyTo = $config->paths->cache . $tempName;
if($files->mkdir($copyTo)) {
    // directory created: /site/assets/cache/media_manager_downloads/

    // 2. COPY IMAGES
    // get and copy image assets
    foreach($mmPages as $p) {
        $images = $p->media_manager_image;
        foreach($images as $image) {
            //bd($image->filename,'image path')// to debug image path
            $copyFrom = $image->filename;
            $bool = $files->copy($copyFrom, $copyTo);
            //bd($bool,'copied?');// just to test if files were copied

    // 3. ZIP IMAGES
    // if files were copied, zip them
        // create zip of all files in directory $copyTo to file $zip
        $zip = $config->paths->cache . "media-manager-image-files.zip";
        $result = $files->zip($zip, $copyTo);

        echo "<h3>These files were added to the ZIP:</h3>";
        foreach($result['files'] as $file) {
            echo "<li>" . $sanitizer->entities($file) . "</li>";

        if(count($result['errors'])) {
            echo "<h3>There were errors:</h3>";
            foreach($result['errors'] as $error) {
                echo "<li>" . $sanitizer->entities($error) . "</li>";

        // if files were added to zip file, send them
            bd($zip,'files were added');

    else {
        bd('NO FILES FOUND!');


Hope this helps.

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I just installed the Media Manager on a clean PW installation and encountered a problem: Multiple image upload is not working.

I am unter the "upload" tab and drag some images into the field. Then click "start". The upload progress bar is growing for 1 second then suddenly it shrinks back to zero and the image upload list is cleared. No images were uploaded. What is wrong? 
The image size is lower than the max upload size setting in my PHP.ini so that cannot be the reason. The images are about 3 MB each with a resolution of 5184x3456px. That should not be a problem at all?

Second - whenever I alter something in the "settings" tab it is NOT saved. For example: Upload mode -> Single file uploads set to false.

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20 hours ago, Stefanowitsch said:

I just installed the Media Manager on a clean PW installation and encountered a problem:

Hi @Stefanowitsch,

Sorry for the issues you are currently experiencing.

20 hours ago, Stefanowitsch said:

whenever I alter something in the "settings" tab it is NOT saved. For example: Upload mode -> Single file uploads set to false.

This is a strange one. It might mean Media Manager was not installed correctly and the settings page is not found. It might be the cause of your other issue.

Via email (using the email in your receipt) or PM could you please:

  1. Send me a screenshot of the open tree at Admin > Media Manager.
  2. Confirm that these fields were created: media_manager_audio, media_manager_document, media_manager_image, media_manager_settings, media_manager_video.
  3. Confirm that these templates were created: media-manager, media-manager-audio, media-manager-document, media-manager-image, media-manager-settings, media-manager-video.
  4. The version of ProcessWire you are using.
  5. The PHP version your server is running.
  6. Any error messages, in the console and in TracyDebugger (hopefully, you have this installed)


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Hi @kongondo

We have a problem with uploading some mp3 files.

We can't upload a specific .mp3 file in the media manager because on the server it returns application/octet-stream as mime-type instead of audio/mpeg.

But when I check with finfo or mime_content_type on a localhost it returns audio/mpeg mimetype.

Even when I check the mime-type on the mac osx terminal (file --mime-type -b filename) it returns audio/mpeg.

What should I do? I also can't find an online tool where the customer could repair the mp3 file or something.

I downloaded the file from the dropbox account/link of the customer.

The funny thing is, when i convert that mp3 file to wav it can be uploaded.


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@kongondo Any news on this? 

What I could do is, is to add the "application/octet-stream" mimetype for mp3 extensions. I could do this inside the method "mimeTypes" of the File "MediaManagerUtilities.php" but don't know if this is a good Idea.


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On 3/6/2020 at 7:48 AM, Orkun said:

@kongondo Any news on this? 

What I could do is, is to add the "application/octet-stream" mimetype for mp3 extensions. I could do this inside the method "mimeTypes" of the File "MediaManagerUtilities.php" but don't know if this is a good Idea.


Sorry for the late response @Orkun...

No, that wouldn't be a good idea. One, it would just get overwritten on an upload and secondly, that is not a correct mimetype for mp3s. 

On 3/9/2020 at 8:40 AM, Orkun said:

I found a tool which "fixed" the mp3 file so that I could upload it again in media manager.

Glad you got it sorted. 

It seems PHP will sometimes misclassify the the mimetypes of some mp3s. Here's a discussion about it on SO. This might also be of relevance (corrupt ID3 tags)

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Hi @kongondo

Is it normal that the folder in /site/assets/MediaManager/jqfu/.files_no_show/ is full of files/duplicate files? We can't upload any files anymore, because we are getting the error of duplicate media page (empty file upload result). It looks like he tries to create a page from a file from the .files_no_show folder but that page with the name already exists.

Isn't the /site/assets/MediaManager/jqfu/.files_no_show/ just a temporary folder? Shouldn't be the file deleted after the media page was created?


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Hi @Orkun,

On 3/20/2020 at 7:35 AM, Orkun said:

Isn't the /site/assets/MediaManager/jqfu/.files_no_show/ just a temporary folder?

Yes it is just a temporary folder.

On 3/20/2020 at 7:35 AM, Orkun said:

Shouldn't be the file deleted after the media page was created?

It should. It works fine here. Could you please tell me about your setup? (ProcessWire and PHP versions, etc).

I am not sure whether it is a file permission issue. Are you on a Windows machine?

Alternatively, maybe you are trying to upload very large images and the system does not finish and you are trying to re-upload?

Please let me know.

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This is primarily directed to MAC users and/or MAMP users.

Recently, some Media Manager users have reported that their settings are not getting saved, especially the After Uploading setting. I have to replicate the issue on clean installs with nothing but MM, JqueryFileUpload and Tracy without success. Here's what we know so far:

  • The settings actually get saved in the Database; the issue is what is saved is not what gets displayed in the GUI. Meaning, it always shows the default setting.
  • For one user, the issue only appeared when they were using WAMP or XAMP. For the other user the issue appeared on both MAC and Windows. I don't have a MAC to test on.
  • I have tested on both single language and multilingual sites. I can't replicate the issue.
  • PHP, MySQL versions don't seem to be the issue. We've been testing on PHP 7.2+.
  • I have tested on both the latest master and dev versions of PW.
  • Those experiencing the issue see the same behaviour in Chrome, FF and Edge. I am not sure about Safari.
  • We don't think there's a browser extension interfering.
  • Media Manager version 012 (latest).

Is there anyone with MM version 012, a bit of time and preferably a MAC and MAMP who can help us figure this out please? Any other ideas?

Many thanks.


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