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first/last page of array


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Hey guys! This is probably a total newbi question, but I cant figure it out myself.

I use two links to get to the previous or next page. When the user is on the last page, I want the next link to show the first page.

When the user is on the first page I want the previous link to show the last page. How can I do this with the API?

This is my second site with PW, so Iam still trying to figure things out. Here is my code:

<ul id="nav">
  <li class="nav-left"><a href="<?php echo $page->prev->url; ?>" class="arrow"><img src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>img/site/arrow_left.svg"></a></li>
  <li class="nav-right"><a href="<?php echo $page->next->url; ?>" class="arrow"><img src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>img/site/arrow_right.svg"></a></li>


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I wonder if there such a quick way to sort and filter this? 

What about doing a next|prev|last|first roundtrips for an ordered selection of the page's siblings only?

This does not work (always true):

$prev = ($page->prev($myfilter)->id) ? $page->prev($myfilter) : $page->siblings($myfilter)->last();
$next = ($page->next($myfilter)->id) ? $page->next($myfilter) : $page->siblings($myfilter)->first();

There must be something wrong with my thinking here...

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I solved it by doing it a little bit differently - now sorting and filtering works:

$siblings = $page->siblings("sort=date");
$prev = $siblings->getNext($page);
$next = $siblings->getPrev($page);

"Last" and "first" can be tested easily: if you reach the last or first item, $next or §prev return NULL (or have no ID) - LostKobrakai's code works great to catch that.

So the difference was that I build my own pageArray ($siblings) instead of using $page, as suggested, to enable sorting.
It was so easy to solve that I did not see it right before my eyes :-)
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