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After install error 404 except for homepage


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I am new to PW and can't figure out how to get it to work. I'm working on a project and decided to use something different than Wordpress for once.

The install went perfectly fine, not a single error, but after that I got stuck at the basic home page. Navigating to the subpages of the Admin Panel leaves me at the 404 page. Now I did find other topics containing the same problem or something like it, but none of the suggested solutions worked for me. 

I am running Xampp 5.6.12-0 on OS X El Capitan (for what it's worth). In the htdocs folder I have a folder for the website which contains the Processwire files.

So heres the current state:

  • mode_rewrite is active/working.
  • In http.conf I've set all the AllowOverride to 
    AllowOverride All
     just so that I didn't pick the wrong one.
  • My .htaccess file it recognized (I did the 'aklvjsdvdislaj' test ;] )
  • I read somewhere that it was better to comment these three, so I did: 
    #Options -Indexes
    #Options +FollowSymLinks
    #Options +SymLinksifOwnerMatch
  • I tried commenting/uncommenting these:

  # RewriteBase /
  # RewriteBase /my%20website/
  # RewriteBase /~user/
  1. Uncommenting the first one gets me redirected to the Xampp dashboard.

  2. The second one does nothing for me in this state except showing the same 404 page but if I change it, like adding /processwire/, I get Internal Server Error 500.

  3. And if I uncomment the third one I don't get the PW 404 page but the basic 404 page.

So at this point I'm getting a little tired of putting so much effort into simply getting an CMS to work. But I do think Processwire is perfect for my current project.

Thank you in advance,


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I had to uncomment the middle rewrite_base shown in .htaccess using xampp on windows 10.  Yours appears to have an emedded space in the alias/directory name, maybe that's causing the rewrite to fail for you?  Just guessing, but I'd try renaming the site alias without any space, and editing your .htaccess accordingly.

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but I'd try renaming the site alias without any space, and editing your .htaccess accordingly.

Oh wow this did the trick for me! The folder I have the website stored in is named after the owners company, which exists of multiple words. So I figured replacing the spaces with %20 in .htaccess would be enough but I guess not.

Thank you very much!

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