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FLIF, will Browsers support this new image format in the future?

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That would be out of this world!

Especiall this feature:

Responsive by design


A FLIF image can be loaded in different ‘variations’ from the same source file, by loading the file only partially. This makes it a very appropriate file format for responsive web design.

(just checked the date and no, it's not April 1 :))

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While looking for apng - which has very good support now: https://caniuse.com/?search=apng (contrary to mng) - for a possible solution for slideshows conversions for a future Joomla! to ProcessWire migration (using css grid and possibly also flexbox), I've just stumbled upon FLIF: https://flif.info/animation.html

  • "14% smaller than lossless WebP,
  • 22% smaller than lossless BPG,"
  • Etc.


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