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    • By pwFoo
      How to enable urlSegments runtime instead of persistent in template settings? And where to be loaded before the current page returns a 404 error?
    • By iNoize
      i have an Photography page based on PW. Now is the Problem that the loading time is to long.
      Idea was to split every 20 images in to pages for Ajaxloading. 
      I dont know how generate all 20 images a new URLsegment.
      I just cant  get it.  
      Thanks for advice 
    • By MilenKo
      Hello my friends. Today I started working on my recipe website again and it was the turn to show recipes (pages) that has a specific category assigned in a field.
      In my NowKnow project for categories I used a parent page where inside of it I had the children and everything seemed to be super easy. This time, however, I decided to change the approach so I created a parent page Recipe categories and assigned to it my 'category' template. Inside the parent I added a few categories that I want to be able to select via PageReferrence field 'recipe_category'.
      The parent template would show all the categories represented by a title and an image - that part is done and works fine. 
      Now what I am trying to achieve is to have a few recipes having the 'recipe_category' field equal to Bakery for example, and then when I point to the category URL to get only the recipes that have Breakfast selected in. From what I know the perfect approach to achieve that would be to use $input->urlSegment as to select the name of the category from the URL and then filter the pages adding to selectors: recipe_category=$category.  Following Ryans earlier instructions about the urlSegment and an example found here in the forum, I got this code to fit my fields names:
      <?php if($input->urlSegment1 == 'category' && $input->urlSegment2) { $name = $sanitizer->pageName($input->urlSegment2); $category = $pages->get("template=categories-list, title=$name"); if($category->id) { $q = $pages->find("template=recipes-inner, recipe_category=$category"); } } ?> After adding the code, I enabled the URL segments for both: 'category' and 'category-list' templates. Browsing the URL for the Bakery category:
      http://food.pw/category/bakery/ (the domain name is not a typo, but PW is on my local server) I was supposed to get the $category to get the value of 'bakery'. However instead of that I am getting nothing.
      What am I missing in the big picture as I am sure it is again something silly but I spent almost the whole day trying to figure it out and still got no progress?
      P.S. trying to change the urlSegment number to 3 did not help either
    • By helmut2509
      I have a template to which I have assigned an Alternate Template filename.
      To the respective url I added two urlSegments '../edit/123' . 
      In the url segment list I added : "edit" and "new", config->maxUrlSegments = 2.
      As long as I only add *one* url segment (edit), it works fine, but when I add two segments (.../edit/123) 
      a blank page appears, without error message.
      The alternate template file is not even being evoked.
      what' s wrong here?
    • By Junaid Farooqui
      Hi guys,
      i was trying to implement SEO URL structure on my another processwire website. SEO team requested us to put .html on every pages. e.g http://www.mydomain.com/products.html and if click any product then it will like http://www.mydomain.com/products/product-one.html so after little bit research i find out it can be done with URLsegment option in template options. i checked on Allow URL Segment, said No to "Should page url end with slash" and said No to "Should URL segments end with a trailing slash? " but after all this setting we try to access the it is showing 404 page. i don't know why.
      Any help will be highly appreciate
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