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Updates not immediately viewable


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Making simple changes, like updating images, are not immediately viewable by others ... why is this?

If I am logged into the CMS I can see the changes, but if I log out, myself, and everyone else, can not see the changes.

Eventually the site updates, but should this not be immediate? Is there a setting somewhere to publish the updates immediately?

(I have tried clearing the cache, et. from the web browser, but the issue persists.)

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Do you use any server-side caching. ProcessWire does have multiple of those, but the only one that may be switched on by accident is the template cache. You can check this in the settings of each template.

Thank you, I learned something new!

The cache settings for this template was set for 84600, so essentially one day.

Changed that to 0 and resaved the item in question, but still do not see the change I am trying to make.

Bummer too, replaced an image on the home page and it does not show any image, just a blank space!

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Try resaving the page (at best with changes to the current state). This should reset the cache.

Ah, I had to change the cache settings on all parent pages as well. Kind of a pain.

...the pain comes in to where images need to be updated. For instance, changing an image on our homepage will remove the current image, but then leaves a blank space to where the new photo would appear once the cache settings have been expired. 

Is this how processwire works or am I missing another setting somewhere?

The cache settings were set for 1 day – is there much speed benefit from having it set this way? How much would it hurt to set it to 0 and leave it that way? Would like to avoid having to go in and change various cache settings just to push an updated image.

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