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I'm quite new to processwire but I already fall in love with it. But now I'm struggeling with a problem for more than a week, since I'm not very good at PHP programing, but am willing to learn.

I want to make a real estate page and I want to focus on the search capabilities of processwire.

I made a structure

Real estates (template=realestates)

 - Country 1 (template=country)

    - Region 1 (template=region)

        - Product 1 (template=realestate-input)

    - Region 2

        - Product 2         

 - Country 2

    - Region 3

        - Product 3

 - Country 3

Hidden Options 

 - Rooms ( to use as page field in template=realestate-input)

   - 1 room

   - 1,5 room

   - ...

 - Type ( to use as page field in template=realestate-input)

   - Appartement

   - House

   - Holiday house

I've looked at skyscrapper search examples but I can't crack it to fit in my case.

I've made a form which generates Country's and Region's:

<form id='skyscraper_search' method='get' action='<?php echo $config->urls->root?>iskanje/'>

	<h3>Real estates</h3>

	<label for='search_keywords'>Keywords</label>
	<input type='text' name='keywords' id='search_keywords' value='<?php 
		if($input->whitelist->keywords) echo $sanitizer->entities($input->whitelist->keywords); ?>' />

	<label for='search_Location'>Location</label>
	<select id='search_Location' name='location'>
		<option value=''>Vse</option><?php 
		// generate the location options, checking the whitelist to see if any are already selected
		foreach ($pages->get("/nepremicnine/")->children() as $country) {
			$selected = $country->name == $input->whitelist->location ? " selected='selected' " : '';
			echo "<option$selected value='{$country->name}'>{$country->title}</option>"; 
			foreach ($country->children() as $Location) {
			$selected = $Location->name == $input->whitelist->location ? " selected='selected' " : '';
			echo "<option$selected value='{$country->name}/{$Location->name}'> - {$Location->title}</option>";


	<p><input type='submit' id='search_submit' name='submit' value='Search' /></p>


On click I want to make selector look for template=realestates-input on selected parent of upper form.

The following code works for regions, becouse their childrens are "realestate-inputs", but if I select country I want to display all realestates in every region.

// most of the code in this template file is here to build this selector string 
// it will contain the search query that gets sent to $skyscraperList 

$selector1 = ''; 

// we use this to store the info that generates the summary of what was searched for
// the summary will appear above the search results
$summary = array(
	"location" => "", 
$location = $input->get->location;
echo "<br>" . $location . "<br><br>";

// if a location is specified, then we limit the results to having that location as their parent
if($input->get->location) {
	//$location = $pages->get("/realestates/" . $sanitizer->pageName($input->get->location));
	$location = $pages->get("/realestates/{$input->get->location}");	
	if($location->id) {
		$selector1 = "parent=$location, ";
		$summary["location"] = $location->title;
		$input->whitelist('location', $location->name); 

//$selector1 .= "template=realestates-input, ";
$matches = $pages->find("$selector1,");
echo "<br>Found: " . count($matches) . " match<br>";

echo $selector1;

foreach ($matches as $match) {
	echo "<br>" . $match->title;

When I'll crack this one I will only need to filter the search results based on selected options on realestates-input template. But also don't know how to make a selector for that.

I would really appriciate any guidance to complete my task.

Thank you

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Than you for guidance.

I've decided to let go the options to search by other countries for now, but I have found a way, how to.

I made countries and regions as $page field select and then put selector "country=england" or "region=westminster" ...

I just felt it more natural to catogarize them by pages for editing purposes.

Now I have every relaestate-input in realestate category.

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