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Is it possible to make 9gag.tv like website using processwire?


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Is it possible to create a 9gag.tv like website in processwire?

I have good html css skills, and some basic PHP.

here are the features:

- admin and ability to add accounts or moderators that will be able to add videos on the website  of course add, edit, delete, video post

- comment system ( maybe I can just use DISQUS )

- social links - facebook likes ( I think this is fairly easy to do )

- trending videos or most popular videos on the sidebar

- recent/latest videos on the sidebar

thats pretty much it..

and is processwire good with SEO? is there a plugin for that? I don't know much about SEO. and I am going to be developing this on my own. :(

tried WP and felt its bloated clunky and has some features I won't be needing plus it is really hard to develop a theme

there are some nice theme but I want total freedom on my design

I am also worried about the security.

Thank you :)

see attach for the sample layout I'm thinking


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You can certainly achieve such a site with processwire and as it's essentially just a single type of content you need to manage (videos with outsources comments / likes) it shouldn't be to hard to create. SEO can be done in ProcessWire and there's also a module for it. But you've to determine for yourself if it fits your needs. You can always fall back to implementing own seo generation functionality.

The account management won't be of any issue as long as you manage users in the backend. If you need to create custom interfaces for them in the frontend (adding videos or editing their user settings) it's certainly more work to do with all the validation and security implications you need to be aware of. 

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Seo functionality can be quite complete with very little php/processwire code.

Like for example, for the description:

$home_summary = $pages->get('/')->summary;
	if($page->summary) {
	    echo "<meta name='description' content='$page->summary' />";
	else {
	    echo "<meta name='description' content='$home_summary' />";

(Or with $home_summary = $homepage->summary; if $homepage = $pages->get('/'); is already in _init.php for example.)

If the page's summary field is empty, it uses the content of the homepage's summary field.

For the browser (page) title, you can, for example, have something like:

echo "<title>{$page->get('browserTitle|headline|title')} | City - State | Name of the Company</title>";

(With or without curly braces depending on the context...)

If the browserTitle field is empty, then it uses the headline field's content. If the headline field is empty it uses the title field.

For the headline (page title), you can have something like:

echo "$page->get('headline|title');"

(Or with $title if $title = $page->get('headline|title'); is already in _init.php for example.)

You can of course modify it for your needs.

Otherwise, someone asked me if I could translate, customize... one specific wordpress template (with a lot of widgets, etc.), that is only supported in English.

And how much it would cost.

I'm probably not going to do it...

If I could have a good profile for this "tv" website project (with youtube, dailymotion, and self-hosted videos), with the possibility, among other things, to create "channels" a bit like on youtube with user accounts (that would be the "channels" category for instance), I would be ready to pay for it.

For a video/tv website, a real estate website, a directory website... it would perhaps be interesting to have topics where we list the functionalities often needed, the modules that could be used, and so on, and how to modify/customize them eventually, etc.

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