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url for image in image field


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 Is there a way to place url for an image? I am uploading images through image field, i want to place some external as well as internal url for image.

Second, when i insert image throught image field, i found two rows table like structure named Descritpion.  What is purpose of that second row? I am able to call description entered in 1st row.



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There's currently no option in the admin UI to add images to the image-field from an external url. Via the api you can just use $page->imageField->add($url);, but I doubt that's what you're asked for. 

About that description field, are you talking about literally two separate fields both called description? If so that would be a bug. If there are two separate fields they should be called description and tags. If you're just talking about a single multi-line field which is labeled description, than it's caused by a setting of the image field. You can change the field to show as many lines of description as you need.

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