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serve different /site/templates/ based on domain?


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Standard website lives at www.foobar.com and by default the template files are served up from /site/templates/

Can processwire be set up to serve requests from dev.foobar.com by pulling template files from another directory? /devsite/templates or /site/devtemplate/ ?

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Place the below in your /site/config.php

// Honour goes to Raymond Geerts for the idea !
$config->templates = array(
    'dev.foobar.com' => 'devtemplate', // domain => templates folder name

if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) && isset($config->templates[$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']], $config->templates)) {
    foreach ($config->templates as $host => $folder) {
        if ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] === $host) {
            // set new paths
            $config->urls->templates = "/site/" . $folder . "/";
            $config->paths->templates = dirname(__DIR__) . $config->urls->templates;
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