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ProcessWire Day


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I think I do agree with both of you :)

It's just great to work and have fun with Processwire everyday, and planning ahead one day, something like what was the "METEOR Day" on the v1 release a few time ago could be great too.

Never a bad idea to celebrate and prompting some PW*Pride O0 if well planed.

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I'm in - and what to do on PW day?

- no coffee all day?

- donate some bucks to a library/module/framework/etc developer

- post some lines of code from your current PW project (or desktop screenshot)?

- eat spaghetti till dawn? (will do this anyways :P)

Of course suggestions are welcome.

Perhaps Ryan could pick a date (with PW datepicker, of course :))

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Just some ideas among others (in no special order)...

It could start with the release of ProcessWire 3(.x) master.

It could then be the same day each year, or the day of the release of a new master branch (assuming there is one, no more no less).

It could be a day where everyone who wants chooses a specific action to promote ProcessWire (the same day or as soon as one has some free time).

We have to be careful not to duplicate things.

We all have ideas and can have more ot them...

A marketing/communication "team" (and/or section) could be created...

A nice ProcessWire article could be written for opensource.com, by someone(s) who knows it well enough, after the release of ProcessWire 3.

Please see here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/2311-processwire-on-the-web/?p=101825

The person who manages the open cms column is waiting for an article :), as ProcessWire is already listed at http://opensource.com/resources/projects-and-applications.

There could be a "hackathon" to create profiles separately, or to create one functionality/module/profile for a specific "industry" website...

Or to make the skyscrapers website responsive (with PocketGrid, etc.).

Or to check if everything is fine on the ProcessWire website, to see what can be improved, etc.

I have started something (small) yesterday. If I have a positive answer from Google, I will post (about) it so that everyone can help improving it.

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