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CKEditor: Absolute image path possible?


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In an actual project I had to install PW in a subdomain and display the content via JSON  / Pages Web Service.

So I have the problem that, when adding images to a CKEditor textarea, the image path has to be absolute. 

Is there a possibility to make CKEditor render the image path in that way?

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As I found no solution without hacking the core I tried to do it with jQuery. This seemed to work, but then I recognized that the browser will have already tried to load the images from the relative path before the script will be called.

So I am using a PHP solution now:

$body_orig = $page->body;
$body_absolutepath = str_replace("/site/assets/files/", "http://xyz.de/site/assets/files/", $body_orig);
echo $body_abosultepath;

This works fine - but if somebody knows a simpler and better solution, please let me know.

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PHP string replacement is what I would do. I dont think that you really need an extra module for such a simple thing. I always try to avoid JS for output manipulation because its not cacheable and depends on that JS is activated by the user. So your solution seems to me as the best way for this purpose.

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